Baler Guy - GreenCoRecycling LLC. has been in the sale of commercial Baler used for the recycling business since 1959

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Baler Guy
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Baler For Sale

We Have Refurbished Balers For Sale
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How We Refurbish Balers

1.  We repack every cylinder with high quality packing.
2.  We install new hoses.
3.  Re-weld the platen head and stress points on the frame.
4.  We check the motor for ohm resistance to be sure it is not dying.
5.  We check every limit switch for working condition, if it is not perfect, we replace it.
6.  We replace every transformer.
7.  Check all buttons and switches for cracks or damaged connectors.
8.  Paint and add a bilingual safety decal sticker kit.

Then we take digital pictures of the baler and keep them in the file for future reference.

If that puppy breaks down, call us first, odds are we can help you fix it on the phone and/or send you the part if needed.


We have an Refurbished inventory of balers for sale on e-bay
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Baler Guy
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